The Electric Mountain Bike Nation – Gather yea All

The world has been waiting for the MEGA VOLT – well it’s arrived and it’s Mega Awesome! Get charged, get amped and let’s rally the E-Mountain Bike Nation. This is the first ever multi-day eMTB challenge – and we’re gonna “Shock your Minds”!!

Saddle Up

Saddle up for a weekend of wild, whacky, fun – each route is planned out, each day is curated, each event designed to showcase the unity between eMTB and Riders. What CAN you do on an emtb? It’s all here  to provide you a MEGA Awesome Experience.

You Don’t have to Hide

We know who you are E-bikers, you don’t have to hide any more – it’s time to Rally to the flag and celebrate the E-Mountain Bike Nation. 

We’ve taken every format of riding event we know to mankind, and mixed in an amazing location, filled with superb trails, great people and good times on bikes. This is the MEGA VOLT – it’s designed for E-Bikers and E-Bikers only and it sure as sh*t  it ain’t gonna be anything like what your grandma told you a weekend of wholesome fun would be. Let’s get fully charged and let’s get ready to rumble at the Mega Volt.

Registration Details

I gotta say I was super excited to see that BCBR is adding an E-bike event to it’s offering! I have been lucky to have participated in 2 previous BCBR’s, and am now stoked to try my hand at this event. Ever since Rocky’s first Powerplay model, I realized the potential and inclusiveness of these bikes! Long live mountain biking and the BCBR!

~ Wade Simmons / North Vancouver, BC
Registration Details

BC Bike Race and the Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society would like to respectfully acknowledge that this event takes place on the unceded and traditional territory of the Coast Salish Hulquminum Speaking peoples, and the traditional territories of Cowichan Tribes.