If you have other inquiries, our team will be happy to help you, Contact us!

Q – How do I book a rental bike?
A – Endless Biking is giving MegaVolters an event special on their 3-day rental of Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplays. For $495 + tax, they will transport your bike to and from the festival site at no cost and offer mechanical support throughout the event. Call the shop and talk to Tao to book yours: 604-985-2519.

You can also rent from Freedom The Bike Shop. It has the largest inventory of e-bike rentals in the South Okanagan with brands including Specialized, Cube, Scott, Liv, Santa Cruz and Giant. Book in advance by calling 250-493-0686 and mention you’re coming to the MegaVolt. They will bring your bike to the event and deal with any mechanicals over the weekend. When your rental time is over, bring the bike to their expo booth. Check out their inventory online.

Q – How do I get a demo bike?
Demos are being handled individually by each exhibitor. To access a demo bike, visit their booth and make arrangements directly with the brand reps.

Q – Will there be somewhere to charge my batteries?
A – Yes, we will have a charging station for you to charge your bike.

Q – Saturday has two events. How will I charge my battery before the 2nd stage?
A – The lunch break is long enough for you to recharge your battery. You can use our on-site charging station or a power outlet at your accommodations.

Q – What are the timed stages all about?
A – Friday: The Consistency Challenge is designed to showcase ‘person and bike’ and their solid synergy—ride fast, ride slow, ride medium—but make your timing for each lap of this event as consistent as possible. Don’t get sucked into going too fast by all the other riders out there on the course.

Saturday: The eXC race will be an awesome 27.2 km loop that tests your up and downhill skills as well as your battery management. Check out the course information on Trailforks here.

Sunday: The eEnduro race will be an epic 28.1 km loop that focuses on your DH skills with timed downhill trending sections. For details about each section, check out the course information on Trailforks here.

Q – Where will the races and group rides start?
A – Before each race or ride, we will gather at the Festival Grounds at Manitou Park for a pre-ride brief and instructions on how to get to the start line.

Q – What type of E-Mountain Bikes are allowed to participate?
A – Only Class 1 (pedal assist) e-mountain bikes will be allowed. This is based on the permitting of the land. No throttles allowed.

Q – Am I allowed to use a range extender (i.e. extra battery)?
A – Yes.

Q – If I don’t have an eMTB but still want to race, is that ok?
A – No. This event is for eMTB only. Limited demos and rentals will be available. Email [email protected] for more information.

Q – What kind of eMountain Bike do you recommend for this event?
A – We recommend a Trail or All-Mountain Bike and something with dual suspension—something with between 140mm and 160 mm of rear wheel travel.

Q – Will we be able to have our own food and water bottles on course?
A – We will have water for you to fill your bottles and food that you can grab in the morning. You are welcome to carry a pack with you for support.

Q – Do I need a support person for this event?
A – No.

Q – Is there a minimum age requirement to enter The MegaVolt?
A – To participate in The MegaVolt you mush be at least 19 years old on Day 1.

Q – Do I need insurance?
A – All participants need to have travel medical insurance that will cover ambulance, air ambulance and medical transport back home.

Q – I can’t make it. What are my options?
A – You are welcome to sell your entry to someone else then contact us at [email protected] to transfer your pass into their name. There are no refunds for this event.

Q – What should I do if I decide to quit mid-race?
A – First, please don’t quit. We want everyone who races to make it to the finish. If, for some reason, you do need to drop out, please make sure you let us know right away so we aren’t scouring the mountains for you.

Q – What if there are less than 5 people in my race category?
A – If there are less than 5 people in your category, you will be put in the category below or above your age group.