Course Info

2021 Route details below. 2022 details coming in the new year!


Friday 2021 – Registration and Consistency Enduro

Consistency Enduro – human and machine will run three (3) laps on a short circuit, each lap will be timed and the differential* between each riders lap, will be the riders score.

Amps – don’t surge, maintain your consistent output – this is an old school moto event that pits rider and bike against the clock, but not how you would normally imagine that. It’s up to you to navigate the technical, unruly, roots and rocks as consistently as you can, lap to lap. You should aim to bump and grind exactly the same way through each section of gnar and flow to maintain a perfect score – or as close to the same time each lap.

It won’t be easy and this will certainly test the skills, fitness and know-how of all the E-shredders out there. Now let’s get out there and ride – consistently!!

*Differential Time Break Down – Calculation
Example: 3 laps, each lap takes rider A, (lap 1, 15:01. lap 2, 14.50. lap 3, 15:10). Based on lap 1 time – 11 seconds off on lap 2 and 9 seconds off on lap 3 – Rider A has a score of 11+9=20 etc)


Saturday 2021 – Tech-Gnar Challenge

Morning Lap – Full Maple Madness, classic loop – approx. 20km

Two rides today – the morning and then the afternoon – we’ll take a much-deserved re-charge in the middle of the day. 😉

Maple Mountain has hosted Island Cups, Enduro’s and Stages of the BC Bike Race. It is an amazing collection of ups and downs, old school and new flow trails. There is something to challenge and excite at almost every corner, around every burm and down every loamy chute. This is pure heaven as far as a biker goes: roots, rocks, old growth cedars, singletrack and peek-a-boo views of the amazing Cowichan Valley.


Saturday 2021 –  Flow – Fun Shred

Afternoon Lap – Steep and Tech to Fast and Flow – approx. 18km

Having finished both an exhilarating morning challenge and an equally awesome re-charge, it’s time to do it all over again. But this time another adventure created by the bent and crazy mind of some local mountain bikers who want to show off their builds – or simply share some imaginative routing! From the mind of our course director Matt Grossnickle comes, simply put – more amazing, awesome riding.  This is the Mega Volt – so it’s gotta be more –  Mega Awesome!!


Sunday- 2021 – POKER Challenge

Tour de Zoo – Location Tzouhalem Mountain – approx. 2 x 15km loop

Today’s course is all about wicked fun trails, what an e-bike can do and how to have a Rip Snortin Good time doing it – woot woot! Instead of creating a race, we thought a Poker Challenge would be a great way to get out and ride the trails at your preferred speed. This might be the day to manage battery and body as we want to put the icing on the cake for the first ever weekend of E, E-Bike Nation. Thanks for being part of history – you earned it – MEGA On!!

Details on Card Draws:

  • Full Lap 1 nets 5 card hand – now you’re in the game
  • If rider has more battery, they can loop a second lap for a two (2) card draw
  • If rider has more battery, they can loop a third lap for another two (2) card draw