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Friday – Registration and Consistency Enduro

Consistency Enduro – human and machine will run a set number of laps on a short circuit, each lap will be timed and the differential* between each riders lap, will be the riders score.

Distance: 3x 6km laps

Amps – don’t surge, maintain your consistent output – this is an old school moto event that pits rider and bike against the clock, but not how you would normally imagine that. It’s up to you to navigate the technical, unruly, roots and rocks as consistently as you can, lap to lap. You should aim to bump and grind exactly the same way through each section of gnar and flow to maintain a perfect score – or as close to the same time each lap.

It won’t be easy and this will certainly test the skills, fitness and know-how of all the E-shredders out there. Now let’s get out there and ride – consistently!!

*Differential Time Break Down – Calculation
Example: 3 laps, each lap takes rider A, (lap 1, 15:01. lap 2, 14.50. lap 3, 15:10). Based on lap 1 time – 11 seconds off on lap 2 and 9 seconds off on lap 3 – Rider A has a score of 11+9=20 etc)

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Saturday – Lower Three Blind Mice

Morning Lap – 22km

Today’s two stages are designed to channel your inner ‘Wild Mustang’ – together we will gallop like a herd of wild horses through some of the finest singletracks in British Columbia.

From the towering Ponderosa pines to the rocky outcrops and epic views, this route will engage a 100% singletrack experience on the lower half of the Three Blind Mice trail network. An undulating romp exploring flow on both the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’, in a classic mountain bike ride turned eMTB.

While there is a timer set up to incentivize the ‘gallop’ we aren’t racing. Just strap on your helmet and let your hair flow in the wind as we enjoy the curated experience together at speed.

If you don’t want to sit tight and strap in for the speedy adventure – kick back like a dog with its head out the window and enjoy the wind as it tickles your wagging tongue, this is gonna be a blast of a fun time.

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Saturday – Flow – 100% Awesome

Afternoon Lap – 21.9km

The day’s shenanigans continue in the afternoon, with a second ‘gallop’ hitting the high point of the Three Blind Mice. What goes up, must also come down, and the knack of creating a mini-epic in the mountain bike world is certainly a finely crafted tool that the BC Bike Race course team has well in hand.

Like a full cornucopia basket at the fall harvest, our bounty brimmeth over on this second ‘timed, not timed’ route of 100% single track. Mega Fun climb, Mega Fun descent. If we lollygag to the top chit-chatting, we’re certainly not going to hold back on the return journey to the lakeside apres.

Rolling corners, undulating trails, and probably a speck of dust to officialize the ‘loam eye’ – it’s kicking hot off the tire in front of you as things heat up hoots and hollers roll across the rocky outcrops as this group of mustang’s barrel across the landscape, stretching their legs and scorching their lungs for the very essence of primordial muscle contracting enjoyment.

A long line of wide-faced grins follows the completion of stage 3 – whew – exhilarating!!

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Sunday – Over the Rainbow

Tour de Local Fave’s  – 23.1km

Today’s course is all about wicked fun trails, what an eMTB can do and how to have a rip snortin good time doing it – woot woot! Let’s get out and take a tour of the ‘Best’ the South Okanagan has to offer – the locals favourite. This might be the day to manage battery and body as we want to put the icing on the cake for the best weekend of the eMTB Community. Thanks for being part of this amazing event – you earned it – MEGA On!!

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